Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zionist, Er, "Humanitarians" Behind GZM Mosque?

In this clip from his FOX show Red Eye (so called because it's on at 3 a.m.), Greg Gutfeld makes a great point. Why is it that the word "Zionist" is inevitably followed by something bad, like "plot"? Why is it never followed by something good like, say, "candy" or "picnic"?

Update: Some suggested words to pair with "Zionist":
  • Nobel Prize winner
  • bunny rabbits
  • medical/technological/scientic advances
  • golden retriever
  • sushi
  • ice cream sundae
Update: On second thought, maybe "candy" isn't such a good one, either (since creative Jew-haters can always take something good and make it bad when it pertains to the Joooos):

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