Friday, August 27, 2010

Margolis Lays Blame (In All the Wrong Places)

Esteemed and trustworthy pundit Eric Margolis tells the Ceeb what he thinks may have prompted Project Samosa suspects to want to kill and main Canadian kafirs. Here's a hint: it isn't the siren call of "jihad is way, sharia is the goal":
All three suspects arrested are educated men pursuing professional careers. Police said Sher is a McGill medical graduate who travelled to Pakistan in 2006 to help with earthquake relief and also auditioned for the Canadian Idol singing competition in the past.
Ahmed worked as an X-ray technician at an Ottawa hospital and had a wife and child, while Alizadeh had studied to be an electrical engineer. All three men are Canadian citizens.
Their profiles are likely to raise concerns about homegrown radicalism, said security expert Eric Margolis, who said the roots of the radicalism is likely triggered by anger over the involvement of Western governments in countries such as Afghanistan.
Gee, Eric, that's so unlike you--not blaming it on Israel, I mean. Seems to me, though, that the "radicals"  were "angry" long before Western involvement in countries such as Afghanistan. But, hey, I'm not the highly-paid, highly-regarded expert that you are, so what do I know?

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