Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hate Floats

The Toronto Sun's Mindelle Jacobs observes that loopy posties and other sanctimonious crypto-Jew-haters who are keen to get in on the flotilla action, are being, shall we say, rather selective in their opproprium:
Once again, the loony Left is jumping at the chance to demonize Israel, this time with a ridiculous plan to organize a Canadian flotilla to try to break Israel’s blockade of terrorist-run Gaza.
Where were these assorted peaceniks and naive social activists over the years as thousands of rockets were fired into Israel by Hamas and Hezbollah thugs? Where was the comfort for the families of all the Israelis killed, injured or maimed for life by neighbouring genocidal cheerleaders? How many peaceniks made common cause with the truly vulnerable by hunkering down with Israelis in bomb shelters to experience what it’s like to be under constant attack?
The incredible irony of the Turkish ship that tried to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza earlier this year is that the people in Gaza aren’t starving. They’re ruled by terrorists but they don’t have to eat tree bark and weeds to stay alive...
She goes on to list some of the starving and suffering who don't--who will never--get a flotilla of the self-annointed to glide/ride/fly to their rescue: North Koreans, Darfurians, Kurds, etc. (Well, duh. They aren't under "occupation" by Jooooos.)

Hey, lefty flotilla-niks. Why not float your boat to Sri Lanka and help out some suffering Tamils (so they won't have to float their boats here)?

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