Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cleverboots Harpoon "Solves" the Tricky Homegrown Terrorist Problem in One Fell Swoop

Beloved Toronto Star sage Harpoon Siddiqui has a solution to the nagging problem of "domestic terrorism,"and it echoes the thoughts of "interfaith" Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Rauf has suggested that the U.S. bears some culpability for bringing 9/11 on itself due to its incessant meddling/excessively bloody hands. Harpoon, too, is troubled by the meddling. His ingenious way to "tackle" the likes of Jihad Idol dude? Easy-peasy: "end foreign wars."

In other words, infidels Rauf, er, raus.

That's it. That's all "we" have to do.

I have a better suggestion, one that's not so easy-peasy: remove the triumphalism, the kind expressed in the line "jihad is the goal, sharia is the way," from Islamic dogma. Also, get rid of the appealing payoff for self-detonation. If horny would-be shahids know that the old Playboy Mansion in the sky is out of business--permanently--maybe they'll think twice about "martyrdom."

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