Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Lame Editorializing

The Globe and Mail acknowledges the fact that even seemingly assimilated, Canadian Idol-auditioning, homegrown hockey-players--chaps who don't fit the "stereotype" of a fire-breathing jihadi--are susceptible to jihad's siren call, and that that sure is distrubing. However, let's give our Muslims a round of applause for being so "open" and "easy-going" and not allow the jihad to change us in any significant way:
...The question for Canada is how to protect against a threat that cannot be stereotyped, or fought by profiling based on age, appearance or education. The answer is not to become less open. It is vital that those who would kill their fellow Canadians with improvised bombs, or support terrorism abroad, are not sheltered or ignored by anyone in the Muslim community who might become aware of the dangers they pose. An informant played a key role in exposing the Toronto 18 plot, involving planned bomb attacks in crowded areas. Canada has not been successfully attacked after 9/11. Good security intelligence depends in part on co-operation from the community. Openness and an easygoing spirit of tolerance are protective.
It is a nasty world in which one cannot trust a brother or sister, or a hockey-playing Canadian medical graduate who sings Avril Lavigne songs. In such a world, it may be hard to trust and accommodate one’s neighbour. But that trust is what makes Canada work, and a few accused terrorists should not be able to ruin it for everyone else.
Yes, that would be awful--were "a few accused terrorists" allowed to "ruin" our multiculti delusions. Of course, pretending all is well and allowing ourselves to get blown to Kingdom Come by "unlikely" (the Globe's word) jihadis who sing really bad karaoke would be exponentially worse, no?

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