Friday, August 27, 2010

Municpal Masturbation/Speak Softly But Carry a Big Pole/You Can Run It Up the Flagpole, But I Ain't Saluting

Here's the type of "genius" thinking that animates the superannuated frat boys of Toronto's city council. From the National Post:
Toronto city council voted yesterday to call on drug makers Pfizer Inc. and Eli Lilly Inc. to help bankroll a 125-metre flagpole, which one veteran Toronto councillor excitedly describes as "the largest pole erection in North America."
"The makers of Viagra would jump at the chance to sponsor the largest pole in North America," predicted a grinning Councillor Howard Moscoe (Eglinton-Lawrence), a member of the mayor's executive committee. He praised the local councillor and flagpole champion, Giorgio Mammoliti, for "attempting to bring some life to this unremarkable corner of Toronto."...
Might one infer from the above-described levity that councillors are attempting to make up for their own, um, shortcomings? (As a wag--female, of course--once observed: There is such a thing as 'penis envy'--but only men have it.)

Update: We already have a ready big penis. Why do we need another one?

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