Sunday, October 3, 2010

Delic Dissed, Muslims Pissed

A Vancouver rag reports that Muslims are "riled" by Imam Zijad Delic's "disinvitation" to speak at the Departnment of Nation Defense on the occasion of Islamic History Month Canada 2010. One of the "riled," a gent named Haroon Khan who's "a trustee with the Pakistan-Canada Association," is quoted at length:
“It appears that the current Government of Canada has again succumbed to pressure from interest groups dedicated to shutting out articulate and passionate voices of reason and clarity that Imam Zijad Delic most definitely represents as head of the Canadian Islamic Congress,” he [Khan] said.
“Imam Zijad Delic and the Canadian Islamic Congress stand accused of promulgating extremist views. Remarks made by the Imam’s predecessor regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been taken out of context and are being attributed to the Imam and the organization – A charge the Imam calls ‘baseless’ and ‘unfounded’.”

“Imam Zijad Delic served with honour and distinction as the Imam of the Richmond Jamia Masjid leading a congregation representing a United Nations of Muslims from all corners of the globe who came to the Mosque to practice their faith, perform their daily prayers and hear his talks on Islam. His warm and generous personality distinguished him as an Imam and community leader who remains active in Multiculturalism and inter-faith initiatives,” Khan said in a statement.

“As a Muslim iof (sic) Bosnian descent he recently wrote eloquently about the need for truth and reconciliation to heal the wounds arising from the bloody conflict in his ancestral country, something that he feels should be applied to all the conflicts we face today. Imam Delic was a signatory in a recent Fatwa originating from Canada prohibiting Terrorism as an affront to Islam.

“As a Canadian he continues to build bridges of tolerance and understanding emphasizing the shared values of Muslims and those of all religions and cultures and has expressed the need for more engagement of Muslims in all parts of life in Canada,” Khan said about the Imam who is considered to be an (sic) academically inclined and who has advanced the cause of moderate Islam.

“Imam Delic has served in many capacities as a spiritual leader, an advocate for the community and as a clear voice in bringing about a greater understanding of Islam and its traditions. I consider Imam Zijad Delic a Brother and true Friend and I am proud to stand with him,” Khan said.

“Defence Minister Peter McKay has yet to give a good reason why he has uninvited the Imam...
You want reasons, Haroon? Here's a slew of 'em, compiled by an intrepid kitty (scroll down to "Noteworthy Canadian Islamic Congress Facts"). Plenty of reason to nix the imam's speech, even if he is a fixture on Canada's interfaith circuit and has signed on to the anti-terrorism fatwa: It appears that at least some Canadians are waking up to the fact that just because you say you're anti-violence it doesn't mean you're anti-sharia.

Update: Lest we forget the CIC's anti-blasphemy machinations...
In this complaint, the Canadian Islamic Congress ('CIC') alleges that the respondent Rogers Media Inc. committed a discriminatory practice contrary to Section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act (the "Act"). The subject matter of the complaint is an article written by Mark Steyn ("the Steyn article") posted on the website of Maclean's magazine in October 2006 under the heading "The Future Belongs to Islam"...
Update: From the Islamic History Month Canada theme song:

Out on the road for thirty days.
Islamic Hist'ry Month
Put 'em in a daze.
Sweet Wahida was doin' her shtick.
She dissed Jews as "racist"--
Man, that dame was slick.

We're an Islamist outfit.
We're an Islamist outfit.
We're comin' back this fall
To "educate" you all.
We're an Islamist outfit...

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