Friday, October 22, 2010

What You ARE Allowed to Say (Sing) About Islamic Law in the P.C. Trudeaupia

Sharia? Why, sharia is...

Raindrops on roses and cute, fluffy rabbits.
Unicorns bashful, adorable habits.
"Alla-hu Akbar!" means it's all God's biz--
These are a few things that sharia is.

Girls in black burqas with eye slits so squinty.
Dee-lish-ous soups and green tea that's real minty.
(Please memorize--there will be a pop quiz.)
These are few things that sharia is.

When jihad flares,
Underpants 'splode,
"Outreach" makes you wince,
To simply remember what sharia is
Quells cognitive diss-o-nance.

Update: Another selection from The Sound of Dhimmitude (to the tune of "Eidelweiss"):

Dhimmitude, dhimmitude,
Free speech strictly verboten.
Don't be rude, dhimmitude.
On P.C. rules we are dotin'.
Silence divine from the likes of Steyn.
Quiet Steyn?
Our pleasure!
Dhimmitude, dhimmitude,
Our Trudeaupia's a treasure...


JayZen said...

I know I shouldn't, but dang those lyrics make me laugh hard. I can totally visualize Julie Andrews singing that tune.

Unknown said...

You have outdone yourself eith these.
I'll be singing them in my sleep!

scaramouche said...