Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Freedom's Just Another Word for "There's a Toronto Police Hate Crimes Unit" in Da House

I was going to publish this as an "Update" to my post on the Pamela Geller talk, but I thought it was so important that it really should stand alone. It's from Jewish Tribune reporter Joanne Hill's excellent account of last evening's event:
Although the Toronto Police Service (TPS) had not received any complaints about Geller’s appearance, members of its hate crimes unit were in the audience monitoring what was said, TPS Spokesperson Mark Pugash confirmed. 
Nothing Geller and her hosts said crossed the line into hate speech, according to police. 
“There was nothing that they heard that leads them to believe any action is necessary,” said Pugash.
Quelle relief, eh? That members of the TPS crimes unit were there to affirm that no invisible line was crossed and that Ms. Geller didn't veer--either accidentally or purposefully--into hate speech territory, I mean.

I know that I for one sleep more soundly at night knowing that Toronto's finest are on the job, monitoring the speech of strident right-wingers who might possibly say something insulting about a particularly vibrant and occasionally explosive strand in our glorious multiculti tapestry!


Daniel said...

One wonders whether members of the TPS Hate Crimes Unit ever attend talks given by Islamists.

Daniel said...

One wonders whether the members of the TPS hate crimes unit ever attend the large Islamic conferences.

Unknown said...

I was proud to be at this speech! What courage Ms. Geller showed. I felt so great being in a room with people who "get it"! To stand (and sit) with others who are not afraid. To be there with my mother who has taught me the importance of speaking the truth and speaking out against those who will do us and many others harm. The same mother who has instilled the saying, “when good men do nothing – evil prevails”, in both me and my young daughter and to not be a “sha” Jew!
I was relieved and energized to connect to others who feel the same and eager to learn more. The fact that the TPS was there makes the reality of our situation even more apparent and alarming. I would love to know how many speeches the TPS's crimes unit goes to that other "communities" hosts. Seriously! I would really love to see a log of what speeches they attend and what they consider to be hate speech. All I heard was the truth spoken by a woman who has nothing but compassion for those being oppressed and who are victims of heinous crimes against humanity. A woman who loves her country and the world, who has taken her blinders off and sees the reality of the future of our world. Who is NOT AFRAID! There was not a moment of hate in her speech and the only thing she asks is for people to THINK for themselves and look at the facts – the real facts. TPS has no business being there and in my opinion were there at the behest of others who are afraid of the truth and of offending specific groups. That is the problem in itself...the fear. Fear is the current climate of our world. We are being held hostage to our fear. Fear has tainted our views and our sense of moral outrage. Fear has become a commodity whose value is often far above most of the world’s currency these days. Fear has made a generation of our people turn their backs on their own, question and publically speak out against our beloved Israel and allowed universities and other institutions where Jewish students and community members have attended for decades no longer safe for us. Fear has made to many of us complacent.
I learned that so much of what I knew and felt instinctually was true and took comfort in the fact that others feel the same. Ms. Geller was right when she said sometimes it feels overwhelming and you wonder as an individual what you can do. Today started my new journey in taking one step at a time to help further her voice and the voice of so many to try and make a difference. I started by finding my voice last night and asking a question, today I posted her video of her speech and sent her link to EVERYONE I know. Tomorrow I will take time to speak to my little daughter about the speech and why it was so important that I go. Next week...who knows...but I want to be a part of the solution not the problem.