Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beware of Sharia-Lovers Bearing Gifts of Tasty Samosas

In the latest Jewish Tribune, security expert David Harris issue this warning to Karen Mock and other infidelles who are into convivial interfaith shmoozing:
It was a pleasure to read Atara Beck’s recent article concerning Ms Hind Kabawat. I had not known of this individual, and thought that Ms Beck’s analysis was careful, considered and enlightening.
I would hope that readers examine fully the serious implications of this piece, and reflect deeply upon the need for due diligence in interfaith and other “outreach” initiatives.
Dr Farzana Hassan, a past president of the moderate Muslim Canadian Congress, has long warned ( ) that sophisticated radical Muslims and their apologists exert themselves to develop outreach connections with respectable individuals and organizations. They do this in order to invoke the resulting connections as evidence that they have passed muster as “moderates” – the better to retail themselves as suitable advisors, participants and influencers in politics, public policy-making and the media.
Jews are especially targeted for this kind of “outreach”, and so should be especially on guard against this stratagem.
Further insights into the challenges of outreach, including the way in which even well-intentioned but insufficiently-trained RCMP personnel have at times fallen victim to it, are available at .
Canadians must be vigilant.
 Indeed. But that presupposes the ability to do something about this:

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