Thursday, July 28, 2011

Censorship Buddies Harpoon and Bernie Together Again in the Toronto Star!

There's no agenda to spread Islam and establish the global primacy of sharia, says Harpoon Siddiqui (who's been very busy of late trying to persuade the EU to open up and swallow the Ottomans). Such a notion is nothing more than the "warped" (Harpoon's word) product of the fevered dreams of hateful kafirs such as Geert, Mark--and Anders Breivik as the Beaver (H/T BCF):
Those [Breivik] quotes include Dutch politician Geert Wilders and Canadian author Mark Steyn. And he talks admiringly of the leaders of the English Defence League. He shares their fear-mongering that Muslims and Islam are basically incompatible with the West, and that Muslims cannot be trusted as fellow-citizens because many may be hell-bent on imposing sharia and waging jihad.
Wilders has fans in Canada. So does Stephen Lennon, leader of the English Defence League, a.k.a. Tommy Robinson, a convicted soccer hooligan.
Those Canadian fans invited Wilders for a speaking tour of Toronto, Ottawa and London in May.
Lennon was invited by the Jewish Defence League to address a Toronto audience through a video feed on Jan. 10. He was quoted as telling them: “Canadians wake up — the Islamicization of your country is on the way.”
This prompted Bernie Farber, CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, to say that while Islamic fundamentalism is a threat, “fighting it with generalized hatred against Muslims … is only a recipe for fuelling more conflict.”
As for Steyn, Maclean’s magazine ran in 2006 a 4,800-word excerpt from a book of his about Muslims posing a demographic, cultural, ideological and security threat to Europe. The editors of the Rogers-owned publication refused to carry a substantial rebuttal by a group of aggrieved young Canadian Muslims, who complained to the human rights commission in frustration. For that they were vilified in a vicious right-wing campaign, rationalized as a defence of free speech.
Damn right! The "aggrieved young Canadian Muslims," a.k.a. the sock puppets, were fronting for Mohamed Elmasry, (dubbed Elmo by Steyn) then the head of the Canadian Islamic Congress. Elmo couldn't complain to Canada's "human rights" bodies himself due to his spot of bother with egregious Zionhass. (He had told TV viewers on the Michael Coren Show that every adult Jew in Israel deserved to be liquidated; rather a Breivik way of approaching things, come to think of it.) Hence the need for the young, fresh-faced sock kids who put a far more pleasant, less overtly Islamist face on the pro-censorship battle. And a battle royale it was, for had Elmo indeed triumphed, free speech as we know it would be effectively dead in Canada. As it was, Steyn and Maclean's had to endure the punishing, punitive "human rights" process, which cast a chill on discourse that continues to this day.

So Harpoon's warped peroration on their behalf--as well as his failure to mention that others Breivik cites include lefty icon Naomi Klein and even Mark Twain, for heaven's sake--goes to show what a duplicitous scallywag he is. And the fact that he once again quotes his pro-state censorship compadre Bernie at a time when the former Ceej chief is running like mad for political office--well, that's just the icing on the feces cake.

Update: BCF has a Toronto Star oopsy.

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