Friday, July 22, 2011

Hotz's Mosque Hijinks

I'm not sure if this is really funny or really dumb--or both. In an episode of his new TV show (which has the same name as a famous pro-Nazi documentary) alleged comedian Kenny Hotz (of Kenny vs. Spenny non-fame) undertook to build a mosque:
Just because Hotz wants to be entertaining doesn’t mean he avoided traditionally un-funny subject matter.
“The hardest [episode] was ‘Can I Build a Mosque for Muslims,’ ” says Hotz, who’s Jewish. “It was so hard because, all of a sudden I’m trying to do a comedy series and it’s like the heaviest f–kin’ subject in the world.
“I just wanted to do something that I found to be extremely minimal, but the subject matter, the second I got into it, was so heavy and it’s really hard, like, cracking shawarma jokes when you’re a Jew trying to build a mosque in a Chinese funeral home.”
Wow, that is, like, heavy. But surely it would have been easier to build a mosqueteria in a public school, no?

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