Thursday, July 21, 2011

'Islamophobia' Is NOT the Equivalent of Jew-Hate

Melanie Phillips writes what should be the last word on the non-equivalence:
The attempt to equate anti-Jewish hatred with anti-Muslim hatred is invidious and a key element of Islamist discourse. The equation is not only false but dangerous. Anti-Jewish hatred is wholly irrational. Jews pose no threat to Britain and cause it no problem whatsoever. But British Jews are now being subjected to record levels of hatred and attack arising from a genuine prejudice.
Muslims by and large are not being attacked to anything like this degree – given the relative size of both communities. Indeed, considering the level of threat and hostility to Britain from within the Muslim community, the relative absence of attacks on Muslims is remarkable and heartily to be commended.
Of course there are some such unprovoked attacks on Muslims arising from genuine prejudice, all of which are to be deplored. And Muslims should be protected from them. But it is British Jews whose schools are now behind razor wire and whose every community function has to be guarded – principally against attack by Islamic extremists. It is simply untrue that true prejudice against Muslims has become respectable, dinner-party discourse; but true prejudice against Jews has.
Are you listening, Canucki "interfaithy" Jews?

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