Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Et Tu, Hitch?

You can count Christopher Hitchens among those who deplore the "rush to judgement" which saw jihadis initially being blamed for unfolding events in Oslo. How dare we make such assumptions, writes Hitch (who should know better), when even as we speak Arabs in places like Egypt and Syria "want to know if they have been naive to place their bets...on democratic transition"?

How dare we? Well, it didn't help that a jihadi racket stepped right up to claim credit for the bombing. And there's the reality that most terrorism in our time is of jihadi provenance. And then there's that Mullah Krekar dude, who mere days ago had been threatening to launch just such an attack.

A "rush to judgement"? You bet. But one that was grounded in reality and not, as those deploring the rush would have it, malice.

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