Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Low Will Bernie Go? Pretty Damn Low

Remember how Candidate Farber tried to use a dead relative to tug from the heartstrings and score points against the Hudak Conservatives? Turns out his sob story (published in ShalomLife) about the sister-in-law who supposedly received crappy health care due to Tory health care cuts is a bunch of malarkey. How do we know? Because the sister-in-law's husband--i.e. Bernie's brother-in-law--says so. Re Bernie's palaver Michael Robitaille writes (via Eye on a Crazy Planet):
The sister-in-law Bernie Farber wrote about in this article was my wife. Contrary to what Bernie states, my wife Joanne received excellent health care at every level during her over 3 year struggle with cancer. From the staff at Credit Valley Hospital to Princess Margaret Hospital to Toronto Western Hospital, she received speedy, professional and excellent care. I honestly can't say anything negative in the overall treatment Joanne received. Sadly, Joanne succumbed to cancer but I want to state categorically, her death from cancer had nothing to do with any lack of health care or any deficiencies in her care. I find it callous, cold-hearted and opportunistic for Bernie Faber to use Joanne's death for political gain. Joanne is missed by me and my son Jack everyday and it is a shame to have her struggle with cancer thrown around like a political football by a candidate who knows better.
Now, that's what I call a righteous smack-down.

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