Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Collective Punishment"? Al-Karamba!

One little boat of Zion-loathers--the French one--managed to set sail from Greece; it has been boarded and halted by Israel sans incident. But look at how the weaselly Ceeb gets its digs in at the Jew-state so despised by "savvy" leftists, i.e. by hauling out the "collective punishment" bollocks (one of the Zion-loathers' favourite talking points) and making sure to attribute it to unnamed "critics":
The vessel, the Dignity al-Karama, is the only ship remaining from a larger protest flotilla that had hoped to sail weeks ago but was blocked by Greek authorities.
The activists, who include Stephan Corriveau from Montreal, have said their mission is meant to make a "political statement" against the Israeli blockade.
A France-based spokesman for a group called "A French Boat for Gaza," Maxime Guimberteau, said he was in contact with activists aboard the ship earlier Tuesday and they told him that four Israeli navy ships had surrounded the ship.
He said the vessel was about 65 kilometres off Gaza in international waters in the Mediterranean and that his conversation with the boat was cut off.
Israel imposed the embargo in 2007 after Hamas militants seized control of Gaza. It says the measure is needed to prevent weapons from reaching Hamas, but critics say the blockade has failed to weaken the militant group and instead has hurt the territory's economy, collectively punishing its 1.6 million people...
A more balanced account would have pointed out that that's so much fatuous propaganda; that this so-called "militant group" is actually an acolyte of Iran's nutty Ayatollah, and that, for reasons of rapacity and religion, both are committed to wiping Israel (the canary in the civilized world's coal mine) off the map; that the way the "collective punishment" is playing out on the ground in Gaza involves the construction of high end malls and luxury hotels.

Why, it's almost as if our national broadcaster believes the "critics'" Big Lies.

Update: Kaffir Kanuck has posted here on the above mentioned Stephan Coriveau (who moved over to the Al Karamba from the impounded Canucki boat Tahrir).

Update: My song for the French Gaza boat:

Nabbed by Jews,
Nabbed by Jews.
Flotilla was a flame out,
Flotilla was flame out.
So were you,
So were you...

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