Monday, July 18, 2011

What Do Teachers Think About the Public School Mosqueteria?

The ones on this chatboard think it's a really bad idea.

Update: DJ KatShai spins "Menstruating at the Mosqueteria." (It's catchy; you can dance to it; I give it a "10.")

Update: An oldie but a no-goodie:

Well, you can pray it, you can say it,
You can bow down and obey it at the mosque'.
Ah, but if you're menstruatin' 
Then the back is where you're waitin'
At the mosque'.
Your brothers and no others
Sit up front--the imam's druthers--
At the mosque'.

Let's go to the mosque'
(Skip classes).
Let's go to the mosque'
(The mass is).
Let's go to the mosque',
Come on, let's go to the mosque'...

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