Sunday, July 24, 2011

Farber Fumbles

Oh, look--someone in the legacy media has noticed Candidate Farber's desperation/duplicity (H/T BCF). The Toronto Sun's Christina Blizzard writes re the MPP-wannabe's using a dead family member to score points for political gain (and being shot down by the family member's husband):
In a telephone interview, Farber told me he often speaks from personal experiences.
“I was writing about something that affected me. My sister-in-law’s death had a huge impact and I am trying to say that it is important,” he said.
“I would not say I am using it for political purposes.”
That’s a relief — because this is a cautionary tale.
The last thing we need in this election is for aspiring politicians to take the personal tragedy of the death of a young wife and mother and try to use it for their own political gain.
Something (her withering sarcasm, perhaps?) tells me Christina is dubious.

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