Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Smug Lefties Deal With People/Speech They Don't Like

They censor them/it. The Ceeb's Mark Kelly--a real smuggles--gleefully touts two apps that alert you when you're about to open a link on the 'Net emanating from a media outlet owned by "Darth" Murdoch (Kelly's uber-droll characterization)--and then blocks it lest you soil your Simon pure leftist inclinations by venturing into eee-ville empire territory (which includes Fox, the WSJ, and countless others).

See, if you're a control freak, you block and censor. If you're not, you merely change the channel--or avoid watching the insufferably smug altogether, or if you do watch them, laugh and wonder at their awfulness. One move is something a freedom-derider does, the other is...what I do.


Nicholas Packwood said...

Is there an app for blocking my taxes going to pay Mark Kelly's salary?

Mark said...

Yes, and I bet he's a Mac user.

Carlos Perera said...

Leftist ideologues are just itching to impose totalitarian controls on Western societies. They've already succeeded partially, with the passage of "hate crime" laws, in many places. And on many college campuses students and faculty must self-censor their speech constantly so as not to run afoul of speech codes and anti-harassment rules (which are very selectively enforced).

I wish to thank Scaramouche and her fellow free-speech defenders of the blogosphere for their work in resisting the totalitarian creep driven by such as Mark Kelly.