Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Quick Look Back

A week before it went and published that now infamous photo of second-and-third-class chicks consigned to the back of a public school mosqueteria--thereby sabotaging its case for accommodation in one fell swoop--the all-too accommodating Toronto Star had this to say on the matter:
The Friday prayer at Valley Park has been going on for three years without any apparent problems and no complaints, according to school officials. It’s a reasonable compromise worked out locally to address a local situation. Now that a national advocacy group is using the school as part of its ongoing fight against aspects of Islam it dislikes, it seems there may be an unnecessary confrontation over the issue.
"Aspects of Islam it dislikes"--like, say, the supremacism redolent in the cry "Allahu Akbar"? Like, say, guys in the front, chicks at the rear as per the dictates of sharia? Like, say, trashing the separation of mosque and state that distinguishes our civilization from the Islamic one?

Yeah, why would anyone have any problem with those, ahem, "aspects"? 

And don't you just love that bit about acceding to Islamic demands being "a reasonable compromise worked out locally to address a local situation"? Anyone who knows anything about the jihad (the holy war--both the violent and the stealthy--to spread Islam to every corner of the world) knows that its credo is: Think globally, act locally. Funny how the Star never got that memo.

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