Friday, July 22, 2011

Whassup With Weiner?

Exhibitionistic ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner is said to be undergoing treatment for this, er, exhibitionism, at a location that has yet to be disclosed. The New York Post has a hunch that it might be near Orlando, Florida, because one of the rag's reporters spotted Weiner
on Wednesday night flying first-class from Orlando to La Guardia Airport on a Delta flight, carrying nothing but his iPad and several documents.
Orlando is near the Winter Park, Fla., offices of the New Leaf Center, which on its Web site says it provides outpatient therapy for sexual addiction and sexual compulsivity issues, including for "politicians." Staff there asked a reporter to leave when he asked about Weiner yesterday.
Weiner and his spokeswoman refused to comment.
What's really freaky, though, is what the reporter saw Weiner toting around with him:
Bizarrely, during his flight home from Orlando, Weiner was carrying a detailed analysis of energy issues in sub-Saharan African countries, as well as what appeared to be real-estate listings for two different grazing and farming properties in Kenya.
My, that is bizarre. Just a guess here--is it possible he's doing some work on the q.t. for his wife's boss (after all, the couple has a baby on the way and could use the extra cash)?  For his Wahhabi mother-in-law?

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