Tuesday, July 19, 2011

With a 'Rebel' Yell

More than a few of the NATO-backed "rebels" who are fighting against Gaddafi are "Islamists." But don't worry. According to this onIslam piece, they're no longer involved with al Qaeda (which makes them freelance, jihadis, I guess). Not that they appreciate the support they're getting from us kafirs:
Abu Sohaib insists that he and his brethren have severed ties with Al Qaeda and have warned the terrorist group it is not welcome in Libya.
“It has been made very clear to them, that it is better for them to stay out of the country,” he said.
That distrust was shared by Libyan fighters, who still question the motive behind the NATO operation into Libya.
"We start to question the true intentions of the West in Libya,” a 36-year-old Libyan associated with the fighting group who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Salah and who travels between Europe and Libya said.
“If they would have wanted to kill Muammar el-Qaddafi, they could have done it several times,” Abu Salah added.
“I guess this is about making as much money with oil and weapons deals as possible.”
Abu Sohaib recalls the cooperation between the US and Libyan authorities to combat terrorism after Libya disbanded its unconventional weapons program in 2003.
“Isn’t it interesting how they were hunting us for years and were working with Muammar el-Qaddafi?” said
“Now we are cooperating with NATO and the West, those who used to put us in jail.”
That's what we here in the West like to call an "irony," Mr. Rebel. Sort of like the irony of the U.S. helping out Afghan "rebels" in their fight against the Soviets, and years later ending up having to fight these same "rebels" themselves. 

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