Friday, July 22, 2011

'Muslim Mom' Thinks Mosqueteria Is Swell (and Seems to Think Islam Isn't the Only Religion Allowed in Public Schools)

This is from late last month but I happened upon it just now. It's a defence of school prayer in the mosqueteria by a self-described Muslim mom. She thinks transforming a public school space into a Saudi-style place of worship exemplifies the best of Canada--Canadians' freedom of choice:
Choice is one of the reason many come to Canada, because they have choices given here. WE ALL have the rights of worship, we all have the right to eat food that is good for us and I thank God whom I choose to address as Allah.The fact though is some do not think that these choices should be given in a public school setting.
So if Muslim children can not have jummah( the Friday Prayer service that lasts about 30 minutes) in the school are we then ready to take every Christan, Jewish and other religious clubs that now meet in schools at lunch time, before school, after school out as well? These organizations have existed and used the buildings to see that all children who want to fellowship and worship together can.
There are religious clubs in public schools? That's news to me. To continue:
As for a “halal” menu. I would think you would thank the parents for asking for it. “Halal” simply means not harmful and there are very strict guidelines. Any parent who has volunteered at elementary level with the snack program knows it isn’t farmed out. Most snacks are prepared right there in the cafeteria by parent volunteers. Most snacks in the TDSB have to include at least 2 food groups. There are strict guidelines and safety standards that are met by parents who volunteer time for this job. Most snack programs at are managed by parents in the case of this school most of these parents ARE Muslim. 
Some interesting facts:
  • The area is densely populated with Muslim families who attend the local mosque.
  • Before the prayer services were begun Muslim boys especially were pulled from school for the entire Friday afternoon, as in Islam if a Muslim man misses 3 Friday prayers he is considered to of lost his faith.
  • Girls, women are welcome at jummah as well, and yes we do sit either at the back of the room,or behind a barrier( I have even seen a table with a rug thrown over it made into a makeshift one), or in another room.
  • Girls in Islam are not mandated to attend jummah prayer for them it is optional.
  • At that specific school I would guess you are looking at a 50% Muslim student population at least.
  • Another fact many TDSB schools also meet “kosher” standards would we get rid of that option as well?
Many TDSB schools meet kosher standards? Again, I highly doubt it, since that would entail paying a Mashgiach a fee to ensure stringent compliance. Back to the mom:
By letting the school community dictate what is best for there individual school we give freedom, something I am sure we all enjoy having here in Ontario. Really some of the comments on Jihad Watch and the Blazing Cat Fur scared me as a Canadian. 
Fear not, mom. What commenters were no doubt responding to was their knowledge that allowing the school community to dictate what is best is the way we get sharia, which is the opposite--the antithesis--of freedom.

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