Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Abbas Cannot Recognize Israel as the Jewish State

David Meir-Levi writes that Abbas can't--and won't--because Israel's very existence is, in a word, un-Islamic.

Update: According to a new poll, the Palestinians prefer a one-state solution.

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Carlos Perera said...

The PLO makes no secret--in its Arabic declarations to Arab constituents--of its intention eventually to wipe the Zionist Entity off the map. But it has been paying formal lip service to renouncing terrorism, recognizing Israel's right to exist, etc., since 1993.

The _bien pensants_ of the Western intelligentsia--incredibly this includes many Israeli leftist intellectuals and their acolytes in the press, government, and courts--simply prefer to pretend that the former declarations do not exist, while the latter are the Gospel truth. In some cases this willful ignorance is genuine, in others it is based in malice toward Israel, or the Jews, or Western Civilization, or some combination of the three. But the result is the same, and, should Israel fall to its enemies, the leftist intelligentsia will just move on to its next target for undermining, simply ignoring the damage they have done. They figure, with some justification, that, after an initial spate of consternation, the "Silent Majority" will live up to its name and relapse into silence in short order, forgetting--and becoming indifferent about--the tragedy that has just occurred. See the histories of Russia, Eastern Europe, Indochina, Lebanon, Cuba, etc.