Monday, July 25, 2011

NDP Shockeroo!

Just heard on AM640 that Jack Layton has announced that he's stepping down from the NDP leadership for now because he's battling cancer.

Update: From the Globe and Mail:
In a strained voice, and appearing to have lost weight since the election, Mr. Layton told reporters he was taking some time off for treatment so he can return to Parliament to fight on behalf of Canadians.
“I'm going to fight this cancer now, so I can be back to fight for families when Parliament resumes.”
Mr. Layton said he intended to be in his seat when the House returns from its summer break on Sept. 19.
The 61-year-old NDP Leader did not divulge what type of cancer he was diagnosed with, but he said the prostate cancer was no longer a threat. The new disease was something he noticed in the final days of the last session, Mr. Layton said Monday, when he began to experience stiffness and pain.
“I am as hopeful and optimistic about all of this as I was the day I began my political work, many years ago,” he said. “I am hopeful and optimistic about the personal battle that lies before me in the weeks to come.”
I'm no Layton fan, but I do wish him well with his recovery. That said, I can't fathom how he plowed ahead with his political campaign despite experiencing the warning signs of "stiffness and pain." I can't help but think it was rather foolhardy--as well as downright irresponsible--for him to do so.

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