Thursday, July 21, 2011

The OHRC is Celebrating 50 Years of Social Engineering/Crackpot Utopianism

Me? Not so much. Here's a taste of the Hallacious Babs's intro to the racket's just dropped 50th anniversary annual report:
Fifty years on, direct discrimination is less obvious, but subtle barriers to progress and success continue to hold back many of Ontario’s most vulnerable people. Those “popular myths” are often built into the structures of the places we work or live – systemic discrimination.
In response to those changing circumstances, the Government of Ontario revamped the human rights system in Ontario three years ago. Now, the OHRC has the mandate to concentrate on educating, empowering and acting to make sure everyone is included and has the opportunity to succeed. We are also, as you will see in the pages that follow, developing new tools to help workers and their employers, service providers and other institutions to look at their structures through a human rights lens and remove the barriers to equity.
Along the way, perhaps inevitably, there have been concerns about the way our society has changed. For some, change has been uncomfortable, or even threatening. But with each new ground in the Code, each acknowledgement that discrimination exists, each new group of people protected, there has come a growing acceptance that inclusion works for us all.
Maybe it works for you, Babs, and all the other "inclusive" types who believe that only "hegemonic" white folks are capable of manifesting racism. It ain't working so well for the rest of us.

The OHRC tweets its glee re this special logo designed for its "golden" anniversary. Wonder how many shekels that set us back.

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Paul said...

... wonder how much Hill and Knowlton charged them (us) for this bit of tripe propoganda.

My guess, $250,000.