Monday, July 25, 2011

Columnist Asks "Where's the Usual Media Disclaimer"?

Sherman Frederick writes:
The headline this [Sunday] morning in the NYTimes exclaimed "Norway Charges Right-Wing Muslim" in the aftermath of the bombing and massacre there.
Oh, I'm sorry. It wasn't a Muslim at all. It was some blonde, white Christian guy, hence the headline: "Norway Charges Right-Wing Christian."
So, may I ask, will the Times now treat its readers (as they did after 9/11 and the many other terrorist acts at the hands of "right-wing" Muslims), to story after story about how we shouldn't blame all Christians for the event. How about a dozen major takeouts on how most "right-wing" Christians are misunderstood and actually are peace loving great people?
Somehow, I don't think the Times will be going to any length to give Christians the same kind of clarified treatment. In fact, how long do you think it will take Times writers to find a way to compare this Norwegian right-wing Christian with the Tea Party movement and warn us of the dark dangers embedded into that political movement?
I'll bet it's in the works now.
Pretty safe bet.

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