Friday, July 22, 2011

Dear Adolf

There's a Bollywood flick that riffs on the correspondence between M. Gandhi and A. Hitler. From ShalomLife:
Gandhi to Hitler is a title that seems only believable in an alternate universe, but Nalin Singh, the director of Mass Communications at NRAI, is a writer who somehow found a way to seamlessly place these characters together on the big screen. It was shot in Chandigarh with Darshan Aulakh Productions.
This unique film represents the completely contrasting ideologies between the two world-renowned figures. They are both on opposite ends of the spectrum, and this creates a dualism worth a look at.
While Hitler was on his tirade, Gandhi had sent him two letters urging him to reconsider his political decisions. This topic matter is where the film takes flight, and according to Express India, Singh says, ““It’s a classical subject that Bollywood hasn’t touched so far, and I wanted to make it,”
It’s hard to ever imagine a wildly colourful, extravagant, sing-song world like Bollywood embracing a movie featuring Hitler, but the writer has inspired some support from the (Indian) actress Nikita Singh, who plays Hitler’s wife, and lyricist Pallavi Mashra who spoke at length about the project.
Singh (actress) says, ““It’s not a documentary. It’s a commercial entertainer, and simultaneously, a tribute to our country.”
That being said, it’s clear a lot of the events will be completely fictional and even though it’s based on Gandhi’s letters to Hitler, it shouldn’t be taken too historically...

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