Monday, July 18, 2011

Iran Rejects UN 'Rights' Rapporteur

Iran has no problem with a UN "rapporteur" rapporteruing the heck out of the Zionists, but it refuses to allow a rapporteur to have a look-see on home turf:
TEHRAN – Iran’s Secretary General of the High Council for Human Rights has said that the appointment of a United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights situation in Iran is an “illegal and senseless” move, emphasizing that Iran will not allow the UN official’s entry into the country.
“The Western-engineered appointment of a Special Rapporteur for Iran is an illegal measure,” Mohammad Javad Larijani told reporters on Saturday.
“This unilateral action makes no sense and if they want to send a Special Rapporteur to Iran, they should take the same measure in the case of other countries,” he said.
He also said, “Iran has no problem with the individual who has been appointed as the Special Rapporteur, but the appointment of a rapporteur on human rights situation in Iran is unacceptable and Iran will not accept the decision.”
The countries who have called for the dispatch of a Special Rapporteur to Iran should first allow the examination of the human rights situation in prisons and detention camps of the United States and the Zionist regime, he added...
I think we should do away with the rapporteur racket altogether. Do we really need some UN-appointed reject to confirm what is already painfully clear--that human rights (real ones, hence no scare quotes required) in Shia-sharia Iran are in the dumper?

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