Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not Blaming Dexter

When Kimveer Gill walked into Dawson College in Lachine Quebec and opened fire there back in 2006, the media blamed it on the shooter's fondness for Megadeth and other heavy metal music. Reading excerpts from the Norway shooter's deranged "manifesto," one could easily blame his murderousness on his enthusiasm for Dexter, the TV show about a psychopathic serial killer who's sort of a good guy because he only kills people who really deserve to die. But since the Norway nutter happens to be a right-winger, why blame Dexter when you can blame, say, Geert Wilders and "far-right Zionism"? (Not that Dexter is to blame, just that, wait and see, it won't be blamed when there are other juicier targets).

Update: You'll be hearing more of this type of derangement in coming days--It's the Irgun!

Update: A USA Today opiner blames it on "Islamophobia." Um, she does know that not a single Muslim was targeted and killed in the shooting spree, right?

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