Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stealth Jihad in Action

The National Post has an op-ed piece by Amira Elghawaby, an individual it bills as "an Ottawa writer who teaches at a faith-based school." That latter part is crucial, for Ms. E. is arguing in favour of faith--and, more specifically, the Muslim faith--having a place in our public schools. She writes that 
In Britain, where similar fissures around faith and schooling appear, the argument for a more positive attitude towards religion was stated quite bluntly on the BBC by Reverend Janina Ainsworth, the Church of England's chief education officer. "I pay my taxes," she told a radio presenter firmly during a panel discussion earlier this year. "I support the public-education system. Therefore, it seems to me that the views that I hold and what I want for my children ought to be reflected in the public-education system."
For some reason this is considered blasphemous to the motley of faith groups who have vowed to fight against the Toronto board's decision to allow Muslim students to hold Friday prayers during school hours. But is the indignation really about religion, or is it simply fear-mongering against Muslims?
Actually Ms. E. the indignation coheres around the remorseless Islamization of public spaces in the West, a matter about which you should be fully up to speed given that you're affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, a credit which, lo and behold, the Post seems to have left out of your brief and far too sketchy C.V. This post from last year by Quebec anti-jihad blogger Pointe de Bascule details some of the writer-teacher's  previous activity on the Bros' behalf. It involved two Ottawa universities and Bro scion Tariq Ramadan:
On March 18, 2010, the authorities at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, welcomed Ramadan to their campus, where he addressed an audience of 200 who paid $75 each for their tickets. Amira Elghawaby herself, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood network and a journalist for the Ottawa Citizen, wrote that the money collected would go toward the development of an Islamic Studies Centre at the university. She also reported that the university had promised to match the donations made by Ramadan's supporters dollar for dollar. Needless to say, when the Muslim Brotherhood is involved in an academic project, it is their founder Hassan al-Banna's doctrine that will be taught and promoted.
Elghawaby announced Ramadan's visit in Ottawa without giving a hint regarding the guest's controversial past. The following day, though, the Ottawa Citizen provided a correction, allowing its journalist Robert Sibley to discuss the links between Ramadan and the Muslim Brotherhood. Sibley quoted Ibn Warraq, Caroline Fourest and other experts on radical Islam who have exposed over the years how Tariq Ramadan wages his jihad in the West.
He seems to wage it in the same way Ms. E. does--using subterfuge and bafflegab and by exploiting the sympathies and guilt of non-Muslims. In view of the writer-teacher's association with an organization bent on Islamizing the West in its trademark stealthy manner, will the National Post provide a correction about Ms. E. in tomorrow's paper?


Admin said...

As usual, our goverment is in bed with the Islamists.

Admin said...

Surprise ! She also teaches at the MSA Abrar school in Ottawa... the same one where Aisha Sherzai was principal and where they had essays praising the murder of Jews on display in the lobby.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that background research. I read that op-ed in the Post first thing this morning, and was feeling curious, and a bit queasy, about the 'Ottawa-based writer'.

John Stuart Mill was appalled at the thought of state-run schools, but I'm quite sure he never dreamed of them becoming part-time mosques!

scaramouche said...

Thanks for the info, Sanwin. And thanks for thanks, pattyjean.