Monday, July 25, 2011

Opportunism Knocks

Mark Steyn comments on the Norway nutter (who appears to be a Loughner/Unabomber/McVeigh rolled into one) and how his actions—which are being blamed on Steyn himself, among other freedom-minded writers—are leading to a new hysteria about "Islamophobia" (the links are Steyn's):
So, if a blonde blue-eyed Aryan Scandinavian kills dozens of other blonde blue-eyed Aryan Scandinavians, that’s now an “Islamophobic” mass murder? As far as we know, not a single Muslim was among the victims. Islamophobia seems an eccentric perspective to apply to this atrocity, and comes close to making the actual dead mere bit players in their own murder. Yet the Associated Press is on board:
Security Beefed Up At UK Mosques After Norway Massacre.
But again: No mosque was targeted in Norway. A member of the country’s second political party gunned down members of its first. But, in the merest evolution of post-9/11 syndrome, Muslims are now the preferred victims even in a story in which they are entirely absent. A Tweeter thinks that “turning this scumbag’s atrocity in Norway into a lesson about how Mark Steyn and his ilk are douchebags seems… opportunistic“, but that’s the least of it. Even by the elastic definitions of “Islamophobia”, the angle being pursued is bizarre and profoundly tasteless: A rambling Internet pdf is trumping the facts on the ground – trumping the specifics of what occurred, and the victims. This man Breivik may think he’s making history and bestriding the geopolitical currents and the clash of civilizations, but in the end he went and shot up his neighbors. Why let his self-aggrandizing bury the reality?
Why? Because the opportunity to do so has finally presented itself, and because they are nothing if not "opportunistic."

Do you really think the control freaks who want to shut down our freedoms, starting with free speech, would let an opportunity such as this go to waste?


Carlos Perera said...

The Left fairly salivate at the prospect of a mass murder committed by. . . I was going to say "right-wing" nuts, but, they'll settle for anyone to whom the category can be ascribed, logically or not.

I remember that when apostate Catholic and self-proclaimed atheist Timothy McVeigh bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, in 1995, many Leftist politicians and political commentators could barely contain their glee. Heck, Bill Clinton probably danced a jig à la Hitler at Compiègne, he was so obviously glad of the opportunity to demonize conservatives, and especially talk radio and "Chrisitan fundamentalists," both of which groups the Dems held responsible for the Republicans' sweep of Congress in 1994. To this day, I hear people refer to McVeigh as a right-wing Chrisitan fundamentalist, though, to the extent he can be classified religio-politically, he was something like an atheist white racialist anarchist survivalist. But, I'll admit, that is a mouthful.

scaramouche said...

McVeigh was the one card they could drag out to "prove" their case that "Christians" are terrorists, too. Now they have another one, and you can be sure they'll play it like crazy so as to try to downplay the ongoing jihad.