Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This Is the Way the West Ends, Not With a Bang But a Weasel

In announcing that it's up to local school boards to determine how best to "accommodate" the needs of Muslims demanding a place for Islam in public school, Ontario's hapless, clueless premier (for now, anyway; come election time he's outta here) has pretty much announced that it's open season on Western values:
...[Dalton] McGuinty told reporters Tuesday that school boards, drawing on advice from parents themselves, can reach their own solutions on the controversial issue of faith in school.
McGuinty says schools can make the call on accommodating students' religious beliefs tailored to each school's individual situation.
The premier's remarks echo those of opposition parties, who say school boards can handle the matter on their own.
"I count on school boards to work in consultation with their school communities, talking to parents in particular, to strike the kinds of accommodation that they think are reasonable and supportable," McGuinty said while touring a Goodrich landing gear plant in Oakville, Ont.
"So when it comes to faith matters I have faith in school boards, I have faith in schools themselves to make judgments that they think are appropriate in their particular circumstances."
That's where we part company, McShifty: I have no "faith" (what a punster you are!) in school board's judgement: that judgement, such as it is, is subject to intimidation by the demanding and constrained by political correctness--and thus hardly qualifies as "judgement" at all. But then, I also have no faith that politicians (including Conservative ones--where's Tory leader Tim Hudak in all this?) will make the proper judgements and defend us from the remorseless Islamization that's claiming more and more public spaces for the one true faith. In the words of one irate commenter (the hoi polloi being far savvier than our weaselly elites on this issue):
education is administered by the state and as we all know, religion has no standing when it comes to matters of the state. PERIOD. any form of religion in any educational institution needs to be banned, permanently.
Last time around, the Tory named Tory flamed out against the McGuintyites because he ran on a platform of funding religious schools. Let's hope these same voters "reward" Dalton the Weasel for turning a blind eye as one--and only one--religion gets the go-ahead to lord it over us.


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