Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Official--Thomas 'The Tank Engine' Friedman Hates Capitialism

He says so right here:
I was struck by one big similarity between what I heard in Tahrir Square in Cairo in February and what one hears in [Greece's] Syntagma Square today. It’s the word “justice.” You hear it more than “freedom.” That is because there is a deep sense of theft in both countries, a sense that the way capitalism played out in Egypt and Greece in the last decade was in its most crony-esque, rigged and corrupt deformation, letting some people get fantastically rich simply because of their proximity to power.
Egypt and Greece were "capitalists"? That's news to me (and, no doubt, to them). Egypt was a flagrant kleptocracy; Greece a socialist slackers' paradise. A good argument could be made that the reason everything turned to crap in those two locales is because, whatever else they were, they were not bastions of free market enterprise.

But then Tom has already stated he thinks folks would be much better off if they emulated Communist China.

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