Friday, September 23, 2011

New Victim Group Rears Its Head--Adult Breast Milk Consumers

A sad, sad, tale, from the Toronto Star:
A father who launched a breast-milk diet and wrote about it online has pulled his blog after four days following a wave of negative reaction. 
The man, identified only as “Curtis,” became something of an Internet sensation after launching his blog, “Don’t have a cow, man,” where he and his wife were chronicling the progress of his experiment to see how long he their freezer full of breast milk could sustain him.  
But the couple quickly became online targets, fuelled by grossed-out gawkers and those proclaiming outrage that they didn’t instead donate the milk to another mother. The story swept across Twitter, as well as news and parenting websites, even though Curtis provided no full name or location to verify his existence. 
By Friday, the blog had been removed.

Breastfeeding advocate Emma Kwasnica said the response was “a shame” and reveals the distorted view that still prevails about breast milk and a mother’s right to choose what to do with it...
On second thought, this sound like one of those Internet hustles--like that young Syrian Lesbian (Syrbian?) blogger who turned out to be a 40-year-old British infidel guy.

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