Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Message From Palestine House

Grab the kids and bring your Yasser head shmattas!:

In support of the Right of The Palestinian People to establish their independent State with Jerusalem as it s capital, in support of the Palestinian Refugees Right of Return to their homes and lands according to UN resolution # 194, in support of the PLO as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinain people, and in support of seeking the UN and International community to recognise all of the above: we call you to join us to show you support.
A driving rally will take place this Friday Sept 23, we well gather at Palestine House, at 5 PM, drive towards Toronto at 6.
Come with your car, bring your flags…cone with your family and friends.

Flags will be provided

"Cone" one, "cone" all!

The hilarious thing is that Palestine House teaches (or taught--I'm not sure if the program, funded by the Canadian government, no less, is still up and running) an ESL program to newcomers.

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