Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TDSB's "Solar" Deal Seems Kind of Shady to Me

There's something not quite kosher about the deal struck between the Toronto District School Board and a company that makes solar panels. You can read about it here, and watch the TDSB announcement of the deal that was posted on You Tube back in May.

My read is that it appears to be yet another one of Dalton McSpendy's cockamamie "green" projects that will end up costing the taxpayers big bucks.


Ann said...

following the links one the page, you will find Liberal MPP Peter Fonseca riding where some businesses are having solar panels installed. Brad Duguid MPP said:

“Ontario Energy Minister Brad Duguid estimated that the contracts awarded under the Province's green energy legislation will add about $5 per month to the average homeowner's power bill by 2012, when the new projects are completed. “We have to work for it (green energy); we may have to pay a little bit more for it, but so what,” said Mayor Hazel McCallion, who was on hand for the announcement.” http://www.potentiasolar.com/news.html

But Hazel's line is a classic, isn't it?

scaramouche said...

As I said, it's going to cost us--big time.

And what does Hazel care if we have to pay for many years to come. She's like--what?--100 years old. It's not like she's going to be around to pay for it.

Ann said...

"She's like--what?--100 years old."

Yeah, I think she was a penpal of Martha Washington. But higher electricity might cut into her send off bunfest when Mississauga finally shows her the door. However, you have to wonder if Premier McGuinty is going to attempt to bring in a cap and trade regime as that is the only thing that makes sense about inflating the value of green companies. So, will McGuinty raise our taxes, I think so.