Monday, September 19, 2011

Columbia U Body Hosting A-jad Dinner

Why anyone would want to sit down and sup with Ahmadinejad (who could digest a meal under such circumstances?) is beyond me. Nonetheless, that's exactly what some people at Columbia University are planning to do. The editorial in the university newspaper condemns the get-together:
Columbia International Relations Council and Association’s plan to dine with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this Wednesday has raised a few eyebrows on campus and in national and international media. Given the implications of dining with a man accused of gross human rights violations, political repression, and hostility toward the United States, we urge CIRCA to reconsider its decision to participate.
Numerous media outlets­—American and Iranian alike—have inaccurately equated CIRCA’s acceptance of the invitation as from the University as a whole. National news outlets have demonstrated no more commitment to honest reporting than Iran’s, and we hope that the international community understands that CIRCA’s actions do not represent the University’s views as a whole. Fox News inaccurately claimed that President Bollinger was attending the dinner, a statement it later corrected.
While we uphold Columbia’s commitment to free speech, open dialogue, and freedom of association, CIRCA’s attendance at the dinner surpasses the bounds of responsible group behavior. We don’t doubt that the students involved in the dinner identify an opportunity to engage a world leader in a sincere gesture of diplomacy, but to do so with a leader like Ahmadinejad is not constructive...
May all the dinner attendees come down with a terrible case of dyspepsia--and may A-jad choke to death on his overcooked kebab.

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gama said...

You what they say, when you sup with Shaton bring a long spoon ~!?!