Monday, September 19, 2011

France to Durban III Racists: Bite Moi

You can add France to the list of countries that have blown off Durban III:
Berlin -- In a major setback for the United Nations Durban III anti-racism commemoration event slated for September 22 in New York, a spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry told The Jerusalem Post on Saturday that France will boycott the event because it is tainted by racism.

Speaking from Paris, a spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry told the Post that the Durban III conference “became more and more racist” and “just like the Brits,” the French Minister will not be attending Durban III. He added that the aim of the anti-racism conference has “moved away from its original purpose.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron said the World Conference on Racism saw “open displays” of “deplorable anti-Semitism,” and said it would be “wrong” to engage in such events.

“That’s why the UK will play no part in this conference,” Cameron added.

Twelve of the UN’s 193 member nations have joined Israel in pulling out of Durban III, including Germany, the US, Canada, Italy, France, Austria, Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Critics accuse the Durban process of stoking hate of Israel and serving as a platform for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deny the Holocaust and call for the abolition of the Jewish state.
Not to worry. All the nations belonging to the Arab League/OIC/G33 will be showing up, so A-jad and his odious ilk can still have a really rip-roaring Zionhass soiree.

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