Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's a Logical 12 to 7 That the Gentle Jihad is a Winner

No need to blow up large urban infrasctructure, writes Mark Steyn, when you'll get everything you want sans big kaboom:
...the French de facto acceptance of polygamy in les banlieues, and the British Department of Pensions' de jure recognition of polygamy for the purposes of widows' benefits, and the American Academy of Pediatrics' proposal that its members meet female genital mutilation halfway by offering to perform a "ritual nick" on Muslim girls, all suggest that, as long as you mothball your Semtex belt and don't rush the cockpit, the Western world will concede almost anything in order to demonstrate its multiculti bona fides.
As an object lesson in Western supineness, Steyn offers this snapshot of a recent trip to Sweden:
A few months ago, I walked at sunset from downtown Malmö to Rosengard. The gaps between Nordic blondes grew longer and the gaps between fiercely bearded young men grew shorter, and finally I was in the heart of Islamic Sweden. No blondes in sight. All the women were covered, including those who'd never been so back in their native lands: That's to say, they adopted, perforce, the veil only when they moved to Sweden. Sweden! Land of arthouse erotica: I Am Curious (Yellow). These days, they're yellow, and not so curious. Like the Israelis in Gaza, they're trading land for peace, and unlikely to retain much of either.
No one flew a plane into any buildings in Rosengard. No one had to. Islam's good cop proved cannier than its bad: The losers holed up in the caves want to nuke us. The shrewder Islamic imperialists want to own us. Ten years on, stealth jihad is proving a better bet.
We're so relieved when a gaggle of local imams sign an anti-terrorism pledge that, for the sake of continuing peace and quiet, we're prepared to let sharia in the door.

More fool us.

FYI, this mosqueteria scene is what the gentle jihad look like

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