Thursday, September 22, 2011

Canucki Imam Whinges, "Oh, Woe is Us"

Canadian imam Zia Khan condemns Prime Minister Stephen Harper for noting that radical Islam is the country's gravest threat; somewhat illiterately, the imam calls Harper's statement a "dark day of democracy." Turning the tables entirely, the imam says Muslims pose no threat to Canadians. Rather, it's us nasty infidel Canadians who are a threat to Muslims:
These are very dangerous times for Canadian Muslims because now we have to worry about who will attack us, ridicule us, defame us, deny us our rights as law-abiding citizens and who will, if not the politicians and the conservative party, trample over all rights given in the Charter.
Hasn't happened and won't happen. In fact, our Charter appears to give radical Muslims the "right" they most desire: the "right" to foist absolutist sharia on us (for the sake of multiculturalist "accommodation"). 

So stop your kvetchin', imam. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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