Saturday, September 24, 2011

Harpoon's "Clever" Tactic

Earlier this week Harpoon Siddiqui regaled Toronto Star readers with all the "clever tactics" "Islamophobes" deploy in the course of their "Islamophobic" activity. The Canadian Islamic Congress thought so much of the piece that it posted it in its Friday Magazine. Whilst reading it, one can't help but observe that it's Harpoon who's the "clever" one. Cleverly, he smears those who dare to criticize any aspect of Islam (something which, he doesn't tell readers, contravenes Islamic law) as well as those who do horrible things in its name and those who wish to establish sharia's primacy without resorting to violence, in the hopes that no one will listen to them because they've been branded as "bigots".

Too "clever" by half, I'd say.

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