Thursday, September 22, 2011

But Enough About Me. Let's Talk About Me

Brigitte de Pape, the chick who had her 15 minutes of fame more than 15 minutes ago (she's the Senate page who was fired when she held up an anti-Harper sign), speaks to the like-minded on the rabble site. Brigitte, being young and awfully full of herself, is a a right little narcissist. Let's take a single paragraph and see how many times she uses the words "me," "my" or "I":
Some people asked me if my being fired from my Senate job left me worried about my future. Actually, I have never been more hopeful. Working on the Hill, I felt trapped in an agenda and a system that I did not believe in. But as human rights activist and songwriter Joan Baez said, "Action is the antidote for despair." Now, working with social movements, I am more optimistic than ever about tomorrow. While the Conservative government tries to make a mess of our country, social movements are working tirelessly to stop it. They are the hope for real change in Canada.
Hey, it worked for the Bolsheviks and that narcissist Lenin, right?

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