Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Yuman Rites" in the Yoo Kay a Boon for the Terrorists

Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn is on a tear re the "perverse rulings of Left-wing judges in human rights cases":
It has been revealed that two of the men involved in the plot to set off suicide bombs in London on July 21, 2005, are back on the streets after serving disgracefully short prison sentences.
Eritrean national Siraj Yassin Abdullah Ali was released halfway through his nine-year jail term and is living in a bail hostel. He was photographed at the weekend boarding a London bus. Somali Ismail Abdurahman spent just three years behind bars before being freed.
Both men were convicted of providing support to the gang of five Al Qaeda terrorists who intended to repeat the carnage of two weeks earlier on the London Transport network, which claimed 52 lives and wounded hundreds of commuters.
The fact that they were let out halfway through their sentences is another shocking indictment of the deceit of our so-called criminal justice system. No one ever serves their full tariff.
In the cases of Ali and Abdurahman, their sentences were woefully inadequate in the first place. In America, they’d be serving 35 years to life, as a basis for negotiation, without prospect of parole. That’s if they didn’t get an orange jumpsuit and a one-way ticket to Club Gitmo.
We can’t even deport them to Eritrea or Somalia because the courts have decided that their lives could be in danger if they were returned home and it would therefore be an infringement of their inalienable yuman rites.
Consequently, they are free to mingle with the very people they planned to murder and the hard-pressed security services have to spend a vast amount of money and manpower to keep them under constant surveillance...
Can't wait to see the exhibit about 'em in Canada's "Yuman Rites" Mausoleum.

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