Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More "Yuman Rites" Madness--Crack-Smoking Cop Plays the "Disability" Card

Remember the old joke about the guy who kills his parents and then demands leniency from the court because he's an orphan? This guy--no joke--has even more chutzpah than that:
TORONTO - A former Brantford cop who was caught on police video smoking crack cocaine and snorting Oxycontin in his cruiser is fighting job reinstatement or for a financial settlement from the service, a human rights body heard.

Const. Jeffrey Servos, a former six-year cop with Brantford Police, pleaded guilty to one count of possessing cocaine in 2009 and was also slapped with 16 Police Services Act charges.

He resigned from the force in 2009 after a series of plea bargains rather than serving three months in jail. The police act charges were withdrawn after he resigned.

Servos filed in March a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal alleging ”discrimination in employment on the basis of disability.”

He claimed he was told by a doctor “his employer (Brantford police) had failed in its duty to accommodate his drug-related disability” and there may be grounds for getting his job back or a financial settlement.

Servos appeared before the tribunal in Toronto on Sept. 16 to testify and his case was adjourned. No date has been set for a half-day hearing that was ordered.

The tribunal hearing was told Servos had notified his superiors of his drug problem and was sent for rehabilitation three times...
Since we live in a place where such nonsensical claims are validated, the real joke, alas, is on us.

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