Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dirty Pix of Bart, Lisa Simpson Not Kiddie Porn, Judge Rules

This one gave me a chuckle:
Ontario Court Justice Robert Fournier ruled a pair of dirty pictures of Bart and Lisa Simpson and Bart’s friend Milhouse found in the recycle bin of Richard Osborn’s computer can’t constitute child pornography because an objective observer “would find it difficult, if not impossible” to assign ages to the characters from the popular show by looking at the picture.
“My perspective is that the characters depicted could just as easily be perceived as teenagers or young adults,” said Fournier, who recognized a detective’s testimony that Lisa is eight years old and Bart and Milhouse 10 on the show.
However, that wasn’t obvious, Fournier found.
“Absent a depiction of the toddler Maggie Simpson in this cartoon, wearing a diaper and with a soother in mouth, it is virtually impossible to find beyond a reasonable doubt, that the participants in this scenario are under 18 years of age,” said Fournier...
Good thing the perv (who reportedly liked to do the nasty with Cabbage Patch dolls) didn't have any come-hither shots of Maggie, eh?

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