Thursday, September 22, 2011

Unanimously Pusilanimous

When it comes to the Toronto Dhimmi School Board acquiescing to the gentle jihad, Thornill's Conservative candidate is as out to lunch as his Liberal rival. From the Jewish Tribune:
The issue of religious accommodation within the public school system has been in the news lately after protests were held against the Toronto District School Board for allowing Islamic prayer sessions to be held within Valley Park Middle School.
This issue is the purview of the school board and its elected trustees, Shurman said. “I would defer to them to address it in the manner that they see fit.”
Reasonable accommodation has been enshrined in the Ontario Human Rights Code since 1958, Farber said, and can benefit students of all faiths; for example, public schools have to accommodate a Jewish student’s need to take time off during Rosh Hashanah and can opt not to schedule exams at that time.
And Candidate Farber really thinks it's "reasonable" to "accommodate" fundamentalist Muslims by transforming a public school cafeteria into a makeshift Saudi-style mosque? That's the same as Jewish kids taking time off during Rosh Hashanah (which, incidentally, is not celebrated on public school premises)?

Time for both gentlemen to grow some stones--and get some smarts.

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