Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Delicious Evening for "Delectable Lie"

It was an honour to be invited to the official Toronto launch of Salim Mansur's new book Delectable Lie. (that being the tasty but insubstantial marshmallow fluff of multiculturalism.) Held at the Albany Club, a venerable establishment devoted to the memory of Canada's first prime minister, whose visage was everywhere, the event was organized by Mary Lou Ambrogio, of the International Free Press Society. (As an aside, Mary Lou, who, like Mansur lives in London, told me she's running in for the Freedom Party in the upcoming provincial election--you go, girl! BCF took a few photos, see here.)

Here's a tiny taste of Mansur's book, which I plan to read post haste. In it he notes how neatly Western "anti-hate" encumbrances on free speech dovetail with sharia:
It is this European view about limiting free speech on the grounds of hate crime, contrary to the American view, that lends itself to giving credibility to the efforts of the Organization of the Islamic Conference at the United Nations in moving a non-binding General Assembly Resolution 62/154 of 18 December 2007 for "combatting defamation of religions". Article 11 of this resolution "Urges States to take action to prohibit the advocacy of national, racial or religious violence," and such prohibition then, if the resolution is adopted, would become a step in the direction to criminalize any discussion of religions, particularly Islam, that practitioners of those religious view as an insult to their beliefs." In the guise of preventing "negative stereotyping of religions" (article 2), the OIC effort is directed to limiting free speech and subjecting rights and freedoms mentioned in the UN Charter to the principles of the Islamic shari'ah...
Foolish Westerners (and in particular, foolish Official Jews who have Hitler on the brain) think they're curbing hate by curbing free speech. Wised-up Islamists know that curtailing free speech is a way to get infidels to hew to sharia, without their ever realizing that that's what they're doing.

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