Friday, September 23, 2011

A Big Oopsy for the "Human Rights" Mausoleum?

Looks like it. From the Winnipeg Sun (hat tip: Al the Fish):
WINNIPEG - Winnipeg's Canadian Museum for Human Rights is using elevators from a company whose history includes weapons manufacturing for Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

And the interesting, if not potentially controversial, twist in the development of the national museum has prompted a Winnipeg human rights advocate to question whether its planners are sufficiently looking into the backgrounds of its contractors...

Museum spokeswoman Angela Cassie confirmed that the Canadian elevator branch of ThyssenKrupp - a conglomerate resulting from the 1999 merger of the Thyssen AG and Krupp steel companies - was selected for the project through a public tendering.

Cassie said that when concerns arise about "current" practices of contractors or suppliers "that might violate human rights," the museum has an external consultant review the firms.

In the case of the elevators, however, she said that might not have occurred...
FYI, you can read all about Krupp in this book.

Update: Lit'ler Hitler at the UN; big Hitler high-fived by a NDPer, the "human rights" mausoleum and, here, by a Wahhabi: it seems to be shaping up as an all-Hitler, all-the-time sort of day.

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