Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Brave Muslim Girl" Mariam Hamaoui at Yesterday's Muslims Appreciate the TDSB Rally

Chick sure gets around. She was at the first pro-mosqueteria rally. I saw her with my own eyes (and BCF caught her on tape) at the CASMO al Quds Day Seethe-e-thon. And here she is yesterday at the second Muslims Wuv the Mosqueteria gathering.

The NDP is on the hunt for a new leader to replace Jack Layton. I think we may have found her.

Update: The Canadian Islamic Congress lists Mariam as one of the rally's organizers.

Update: Here's Blogwrath's shot of Mariam standing behind niqab gal (who, according to her sign, "approves" of TDSB "support"):

Update: Sassy and BCF confronted Mariam at yesterday's rally and ask her about her attendance at the CASMO Seethe-a-thon. Re that, the "brave Muslim girl" had no comment. 

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